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Wig Hair Care Guide

Wig Hair Care Guide

All the Dos & Don’ts of Wigs

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Taking care of your synthetic or non-synthetic wig is key to achieving the appearance you want.  In today’s blog post from The Wig Mafia, we’ll be discussing several expert tips and tricks you can implement into your wig hair care routine. Try integrating these important steps into maintaining your wig care routine, and browse The Wig Mafia’s collection!

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Use Wig-Specific Products

For proper wig care, you should be utilizing wig-specific products, otherwise, you could end up with damaged hair. Whenever you’re in the market for wig care products like shampoo or conditioners, make sure to get the ones appropriate for your real hair wig or synthetic wig. Proper washing technique is also crucial — you shouldn’t massage and rub it as you would do for natural hair; simply comb it gently for the best results.

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Visit a Salon

If you’ve just recently started wearing a wig, it’s best to visit a salon for styling. Salons have professional hair and wig stylists specially trained to care for wigs. If you’re looking to get a small haircut to change the style of your non-synthetic wig, always go to the salon to achieve the exact look you want. Keep in mind, the wig’s hair cannot grow back, so you don’t want to risk cutting it yourself.

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Care For Your Wig While Not in Use

This one is especially true for real hair wigs — make sure to hang it on a hook or put it on a mannequin when you’re not wearing it. This will help to prolong the life of your wig and to ensure it always looks its’ best. Keep it in an enclosed, safe space where it won’t become covered in dust or get damaged. It’s also important you don’t allow your real hair wig to get tangled, since it can cause long-term damage.

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Do Not Shower or Sleep In Your Wig

One wig maintenance rule set in stone for both synthetic and non-synthetic wigs is to never shower or sleep with them on. Sleeping while wearing your wig can cause it to become tangled. Always remove the wig beforehand and follow a proper washing routine.

To learn more about caring for all your wigs, or to buy one for yourself, visit The Wig Mafia today!

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