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Wig Consignment

Sell Your Gently Used Wigs To Wig Mafia!

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Let Wig Mafia Do The Work, While You Make The Money!

The Wig Mafia is an online luxury wig retailer that sells new and used wigs — if you love to mix and match wigs and style them accordingly, we have you covered. Wig consignment at The Wig Mafia allows you to sell us your gently used and well-maintained units and earn money — for more wigs of course! If you’re ready to get started, fill out the form below.

Why Should You Consider Wig Consignment?

  • Earn extra cash
  • Have an evergreen rotation of new, fresh wigs
  • Sell wigs that are the wrong color, size, or style
  • Curate your wig collection

The Wig Mafia Will Sell Your Units!

No matter the reason to sell your units, The Wig Mafia can make it happen! All you need to do is fill out the form below to begin the process. Our business is driven to provide people with high-quality units — both new and used wigs — at a cost that is affordable, yet brimming with style. Ready to earn a little extra cash from old wigs you have lying around? The Wig Mafia gladly accepts used units and is ready to make you a great offer!

Sell The Wigs You’re Not Using

While you can never have too many units, if there are wigs that aren’t the right size, color, or style that you prefer, there’s no reason to throw them away or stress over trying to find someone to buy it. The Wig Mafia makes selling your units effortless — it’s an easy process that will get you paid in no time.

Curate Your Wig Collection

Wig consignment allows you to better curate your wig collection — out with the old, and in with the new. You’ll always have the freshest styles while making a profit from the units you’re no longer using. 


Curate your collection with The Wig Mafia today!

Not sure how to get started with wig consignment? We got you! Fill out the form directly below. If you have any other questions or concerns, reach out to The Wig Mafia and we’ll take care of you.