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With The Wig Mafia, there’s no such thing as just a couple of styles of wigs! Here, you get variety, you get style, and overall, you get high-quality hairpieces that are affordable and durable. A wig, however, is always more than just a wig — you have choices, and this can get confusing. What’s Remy hair? What are the benefits of a monofilament lace cap vs synthetic? If you have questions about what kind of hairpiece is right for you, The Wig Mafia has answers! Learn more about the differences between hair bundles, closures, frontals, and traditional wigs.
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Things Only The Wig Mafia Offers…

•Wig Consignment
• Custom Units
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•High-Quality Wigs & Hairpieces

Hairstyles To Match Every Mood

People love wigs because they’re versatile — swap a new wig out to create a whole new style. From trying the latest hair trends to finally going platinum blonde, with wigs you get all the flawless looks without the commitment. Cultivate your very own hairpiece collection with wigs of all different styles, lengths, textures, and colors. And, at the end of the day, you can simply take them off. Have a good hair day every day with The Wig Mafia!

High-Quality Wigs Can Be Found Online!

Sometimes when shopping for a wig, you need to physically see and touch the wig to assess its quality, yet The Wig Mafia curates the best online wigs to take the guesswork out of buying wigs online. With us, you get confidence in every wig we retail and a promise that they’re all high-quality units we would — and do! — wear ourselves! Grab your cards and get ready to stack your online cart with 100% virgin hair wigs and hairpieces from The Wig Mafia!

You’re Uncommon, So Are Our Wigs!

Let’s face it, wigs are just a part of your self-care routine — when you look good, you feel good! But, you don’t want to put on any old wig. Quality and comfort are going to make the difference. The Wig Mafia listens to what you want to set the standard for as the best online wig retailer, which means carrying the inventory you ask for.

What Does The Wig Mafia Prioritize?

100% Virgin Hair Over All Else
Forget synthetic wigs, with The Wig Mafia, you get 100% human hair in all of our bundles, frontals, wigs, and closures. Choosing a wig with 100% virgin hair guarantees the hair hasn’t been altered by dye, chemicals, bleach, or any other harsh washes. From an unmatched natural look and feel, these units move with your lifestyle and can be as traditional or funky as you want!

Monofilament Caps

If you’re after natural movement and unmistakable comfort, you’ll find it in our units. Each unit implements a monofilament cap that mimics the appearance of hair growth, for a more natural style.

Hand-Tied Units

For the ultimate hairpiece that looks too good to be true, know that The Wig Mafia only uses hand-tied wigs. Why does this matter? Each 100% human hair piece is hand-tied to the mesh monofilament cap for a unit that resembles natural hair.

The Wig Mafia Approved Collection

The Wig Mafia is your ride or die when it comes to quality and affordable wigs online. Beyond carrying the best wig styles that waver both on the traditional and trendy sides, we also have a large collection of bundles, closures, and frontals. No matter what you envision for your next look, The Wig Mafia can introduce you to pieces and units that match your style and mood.


Bundles are a collection of high-quality hairpieces that have been knotted at the top or secured with ribbon and are sold for use in hair weaves. It’s important to consider the size of your head, the length of your hair, and the style you’re after to better determine how many pieces you’ll need. What’s important to note is that a wig covers the entirety of your head, while bundles are an extension of your hair and only cover certain parts.


Closures are hairpieces attached to lace or silk, which were designed to be positioned at the crown of your head to mimic your natural scalp. People love closures because they’re a great transition piece for women going from relaxed to natural hair. Closures are very similar to frontals, but unfortunately, they’re a little less versatile, yet typically more appealing to your bank account than frontals!


Frontals were designed to encompass the front of your hairline — from ear to ear — and make an excellent piece for those looking to style your hair in a variety of ways. With frontals, you can effortlessly part your hair in many different ways, wear it in ponytails, etc.


Wigs cover your entire scalp and can easily be swapped out and changed up for a new look!

What Type Of Hairpiece Is Right For You?

At the end of the day, choosing the right hairpiece is a completely personal choice — it’s all about your needs and preferences.

Wigs are a great choice for those who are balding or have hair that is too short to attach bundles, frontals, or closures. They provide a myriad of different looks that can easily be changed out. Wigs from The Wig Mafia are breathable, comfortable, and able to be worn all day!

If your priority is versatility, closures are a great option. From wearing your hair in a ponytail at the gym to a deep side part in the office, closures look, feel, and behave the most like natural hair.

Looking for something you can set and forget? Bundles are the perfect low-maintenance choice. If you want a little more style than just a short cut, but hate a long morning routine, bundles offer a low commitment while still boasting an incredible look.

Similar to closures, frontals are versatile and imitate the natural hairline for the ultimate natural-looking style. They blend beautifully and can easily be styled.

Have A Good Hair Day Everyday With The Wig Mafia!

When you shop hairpieces from The Wig Mafia, you’ll never sacrifice quality or longevity — wear your wigs again and again, and then trade them in to us when you’re ready for a new style!

Claim a stunning style that’s all yours with units that fit your lifestyle. Looking for frontals and closures that are amazing for styling versatility? We’ve got those! Or how about changing your look up daily? Wigs can do just that!

At the end of the day, The Wig Mafia’s goal is to connect you to the right hairpiece, which is different for everyone.

No matter the type of unit you choose, you’ll always get quality, affordability, and longevity with The Wig Mafia!
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